Welcome to Bizarre IT - Where we can help you create, fix, and grow your IT.

We are an IT consulting specializing in small businesses and at-home network and hardware solutions. We also have experience in enterprise and nationwide operations ranging from manufacturing to financial business models.


At Home Help

Need help fixing or setting something up at home? We can help you!

PC Building

Want help building a custom PC and don't know where to start? We can help get you the proper setup.

Small and Enterprise Business Help

Own a company or on an IT team and need some more help? We got you!

Anything Else?

We are always open to new challenges. Let us know the project you have in mind!

About Bizarre IT

IT Consulting you can trust.

Bizarre IT is an IT consulting company based out of Anaheim, CA, and we are here to help with any IT needs you may have, from a one-off project to ongoing help. We specialize in small business help; however, we have experience working with enterprise-grade equipment and environments.

  • Home Network and Hardware Help
  • Small Business Help
  • PC and Server Building
  • A lot more! Just ask what I can do for you!

Anaheim, CA

We are based out of sunny Southern California in Anaheim and can help either remotely if possible or on-site. We can help just once or multiple times if needed with larger projects.

  • One time help
  • Help as needed
  • Contract-based help
  • Or, on any other terms that make sense

We know business and requirements change, so with some outside help from us, we can help you in IT when a good IT team is needed the most.

We specialize in at-home services. This can range from helping you get your internet and Wi-Fi setup to setting up automation such as smart switches, lights, and cameras. For the most part, we can do anything else, including some more advanced house projects such as home NAS systems and VPN setup.
Need help with some additional IT support or have a problem that no one knows how to fix? We have experience in many organizations ranging from small companies with five workers to large companies with hundreds of workers in an international setting. These businesses range from manufacturing plants to financial companies.
Need help building a sweet gaming rig or help setting up a home server? I can help you choose the right parts or systems to get the job done in the most cost-oriented way. We also have experience building state-of-the-art personal computers to failover data center servers.